Glean Technical Questions and Issues

Common Problems and Solutions

Problems Receiving Registration Email

If you don't receive registration confirmation e-mail
  1. Disable all antivirus and firewalls
  2. Re-register Glean
  3. Re-enable all antivirus and firewalls
You can also try from another machine.

Problems Starting Glean

If you are unable to start glean after using it previously, try resetting your config file :

  1. ensure glean is closed
  2. Go to start -> programs -> pracplay glean -> other logs
  3. Open the folder
  4. Delete (or move) all the glean.exe folders you see inside
  5. restart glean

Problems Opening Existing Designs on New Machines

First of all, you must have registered the same e-mail address on all machines you wish to work with same designs.

If you have done this, and if you still can't open an existing design on new machine (and/or you see any of following in Glean activity log) :
  • "An error occured fetching your design, did you switch machines?"
  • "Error getting design"
  • "Design unreadable, may be created with different private key"
This problem can occur because your designs are protected with a private key that prevents anyone (including Pracplay) from seeing your designs without your permission.

To allow designs to be read on new machines, you have to setup the same private key.   

Here is how to do this :
  1. Close all copies of glean
  2. On the machine where you created the design, go to start -> programs -> pracplay glean -> other logs.  Find the 'GleanDesignKey' folder
  3. Copy this file to the same location on the new machine (or copy paste the key inside the file to same location on original machine)
  4. restart glean

Rinse and repeat for as many machines as you want to share the design on.

Problems Opening Designs on Existing Machines

If you have not changed your glean machine, e-mail address or private design key above, but you are still missing designs.... check your system time.

If your system clock is more than a few hours off, Glean will not allow you to work on designs.    In windows you can automatically update your time on windows 7 by 
  1. double-clicking on the time in the toolbar
  2. click date and time settings 
  3. click internet time tab
  4. click change settings, then 'update now'
  5. if you receive an error, try changing your time server and try again.
  6. once you have a successful time sync, close and restart glean and your designs should be back.

Private Design Key Backup 

We highly recommend that if you do not have your machine automatically backed up, that you at least backup your design key.

You can find the key file via :
  1. start > programs > pracplay glean > other logs
  2. find the 'GleanDesignKey' folder
  3. inside this folder, make a backup of the GleanUserDesignKey.DoNotDeleteOrChange.txt file

Then if your machine is destroyed and you reinstall Glean, you would want to move this file to the same location after installing Glean but before you start working in your new Glean setup.

Assembly Load Errors In Activity Log

 "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web"
  1. Close Glean
  2. Install latest .net (even if you think you already have it)

Crash Reports Popups, Other stability or weird issues

  1. Submit crash report if it happens (this helps us improve glean).
  2. Close Glean
  3. If the issue persists, Restart your computer.
  4. If issue still occuring, please ctrl+h to get assistance.

Pink Play Button Crash Errors

Got pink play crash warning in design mode?   Things to try :

  1. If your error is 'object not set to instance of object', simply wait and press play again.
  2. If your error is something else, submit report to pracplay if you don't mind.
  3. If error continues and you are client, contact pracplay support.

Pink Play Button Design Errors

Got a pink play error in design mode?   Things to try :
  1. Delete recently added signal items and re-add them
  2. Go back to previous version and re-add signal
  3. If you like, you may also try recreating the design (this is generally not necessary, but if it works it's helpful for Pracplay to know)
  4. Contact the community (or pracplay support if you are an optimize or unlock client)

If prompted and you don't mind sharing the design which caused the error, submit the design report to pracplay. (if not prompted, ignore this)

Design Error Window Popup

If glean detects something odd about your design, it will not save or play the design and instead popup an error window.

Sending this report to pracplay will help us improve Glean to avoid these errors in the future.    

Not sharing the report is perfectly fine too, if your design is very proprietary or you don't want to share the report.

Everything sent in the report is displayed in the popup.   You can also choose Glean to never or always send reports.

To recover from an error, see previous question.

Custom Bar Sizes : How to Change Default BarSize and BarSizeType?

You can many different types and sizes of bars in the same design.

To change the type of a bar :

  1. Find the 'BarSizeType' signal used to create your bars
    1. (e.g. if bars in question used with a SignalGroup like bollinger, look for Bollinger_BarSizeType)
  2. double click ontype
  3. change number to desired bar type
    1. -1 = Time Bars (X number of seconds per bar)
    2. -2 = Tick Bars (X number trades in bar)
    3. -3 = Volume Bars (X number of contracts traded in bar)
  4. click accept or modify

To change the size of a bar :

  1. Find the BarSize used by your signal (e.g. if used with SignalGroup like bollinger, look for Bollinger_BarSize)
  2. double click desired BarSize
  3. change it's value to desired bar size 
  4. e.g. if you set to 100, this represents :
    1. for BarSizeType = -1, 100 second bars
    2. for BarSizeType = -2, 100 trades per bar
    3. for BarSizeType = -3, 100 contracts traded per bar
  5. click accept or modify

How to Build DLLs for platforms different than one running Glean

By default, Glean will build dlls designed to run on the platform it believes you're running on.

If it detects this incorrectly or the dll was built on another machine, you may see something similiar to this :

“An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format”

Which generally indicates you want to force a dll platform.

To force a particular dll type :
  1. open glean
  2. open historical play view
  3. click view settings (represented by the gear icon on the toolbar)
  4. click change dll platform target until the resulting status message represents the platform you like
  5. the next time you change your design the resulting dll will represent the new type

Glean Bar OHLC Timestamps and Price Comparisons

There can be a couple of reasons for this, depending on what you're looking at.  

First lets cover the two most common misunderstandings about reading OHLC signals in Glean :
  1. First, the 'time' signal in the glean signal tab isn't the bar timestamp.   Lets differentiate between 'time' and 'bartime_xxxx' signals.
    • The 'time' signal represents the time of the tick currently being processed.  
    • So 'time' may be the end of a bar, or the start, or the middle depending on what you're doing (or all of the above if you're using multiple bar types in same design).    
    • Each set of bar values (OHLCV) also has an associated time called 'bartime_xxxx' where xxxx corresponds to the bar being used.   So open_t300 would belong to the bar listed in bartime_t300.    
    • The bartime is always the time from the start of the bar, so a 5minute bar ticking at 10:34am would have a bartime of 10:30:00
  2. Two, Glean understands bars but is tick based.    This means that :
    • if you look at a bar's signal "in between" a new bar, you will only see the portion of the bar that has formed to that point.   
    • If you're only using one type of bars this isn't an issue, because (by default) you will only see signals as completed bars form.
    • If you're using VSOT (View Signals on Ticks), you can potentially be looking at every tick.   Likewise if you have two similiar bars but with different resolutions (eg 60sec and 5min), you can see things as they are occuring.
    • This generally doesn't impact anything except how you compare data, but good to be aware of.
    • The only time this might impact you is if you want to only send orders or calculate on fully completed bars, which you can do by checking the isbarnew_xxxx trigger that exists for every bar type.

Glean Bar OHLC Doesn't Match After Import

The final thing that is less common for people to notice, but if you're importing raw TIK data from somewhere else and then comparing this raw TIK to glean... Sometimes you may see OHLC values that appear not to match.

This is not a bug it's intended behavior, although you can disable this feature if you want to see it match for whatever reason.

First here's the explanation why this is a feature... for fastest and most consistent playback across all simulations, Glean caches TIK data in memory.

Glean also creates a new TIK file index, that is guaranteed to be the same even when you are running portfolio simulations (eg the type of simulation you need to do basket and pairs trading).    When you have multiple ticks occuring at the same time and with the same timestamp, there is no way to know which tick happened first.   So without this index you would see inconsistent playbacks between simulations.    However to make the index, it still reindexes the ticks.   So ticks with the same timestamp may get played back in a different, yet consistent order than from the raw TIK file you created.    

If you don't like this feature, you can disable it :
  1. go to the folder where you installed glean (usually c:\program files\glean)
  2. find the file glean.exe.config
  3. open this file in notepad (eg start > run > notepad.exe and drag and drop file into notepad)
  4. find the setting named 'isMemoryPlaybackEnabled' and change it's value from true to false (or set it to false, if it has no value).
  5. here is what the line looks like disabled :             <setting name="isMemoryPlaybackEnabled" serializeAs="String"><value>False</value></setting>
  6. then save the file and restart Glean, and do your playback again.   it will have skipped the index and play back in same order as original file.
If you have questions about this, Ctrl+H us.

Missing Method Exception

This error shouldn't appear to much on new machines, it simply means you should upgrade your .NET.

Please Ctrl+H us if you need help with this.

Com Factory Connector Errors

Older machines using Sterling or MB Trading may see this running those connectors.   

Errors Seen :

COM factory with CLSID {ADFAS0D98...} has failed do to following error: xxxxxxxx

If xxxxxxx ends in 'e4' (and sometimes image errors ending in 'c1'), this is usually a security error :

  1. ensure that you are logged into an account with administrator rights
  2. ensure that UAC is disabled on vista
  3. ensure you're running program as adminstrator (eg see bottom of this post)
  4. ensure that any prerequisites have been installed (eg esignal needs to be installed for esignal connector)

is not a valid Win32 application (from connector only.  if received from a design dll, see same error above)

  1. ensure you're running as administrator

if ends in 80040154, usually means it can't find a dll :

  1. check the connector guides to make sure everything is configured properly.

Ctrl+H us if you need help with this.

How to split data feed and execution in Glean :

Like ASP, Glean supports having different connectors used for tick feed vs execution.

Note that if you're using historical bars for signal backfill, it's not necessary to follow these steps as Glean/ASP will automatically detect historical connectors and use them, with no user action required.    This portion of the guide is for splitting non historical (tick) feeds from execution, or for forcing connectors other than the first one found (when multiple connectors are running).

To enable split tick feed and execution, you must modify your config file to tell it which feed you prefer :
  1. close glean
  2. In folder you installed glean (eg c:\program files\glean), find glean.exe.config
  3. edit this file
    1. click start > run > type notepad, press ok
    2. drag and drop glean.exe.config onto notepad window
    3. in notepad when done modifying, choose file > save to accept changes
  4. find or insert PreferredFeed setting eg
    1. <setting name="PreferredExecute" serializeAs="String">
    2.                 <value>PracCore</value>
    3.             </setting>
    4.             <setting name="PreferredFeed" serializeAs="String">
    5.                 <value>PracCore</value>
    6.             </setting>
    7.             <setting name="PreferredHistorical" serializeAs="String">
    8.                 <value>PracCore</value>
    9.             </setting>
  5. Change 'value' to preferred connector
  6. Here is list of valid choices
    1.  PracCore,
    2. InteractiveBrokers,
    3. Sterling,
    4. TDAmeritrade,
    5. MBTrading,
    6. LightspeedDesktop,
    7. REDI,
    8. IQFeed,
    9. Nanex,
    10. RealTick,
    11. GrayBox,
    12. DAS
  7. eg to use iqfeed as a preferred feed :
    1. <setting name="PreferredFeed" serializeAs="String"><value>IQFeed</value></setting>
  8. save file and restart glean
  9. Make sure this connector is started prior to running your design.
  10. In Live signals or Live Trading view, you can verify that desired feed is being used via the activity log (Ctrl+L) :
    1. 125106: Found connector(s): IQFeed,InteractiveBrokers
    2. 125107: No ip addresses specified, attempting Windows IPC.
    3. 125107: using preferred data : IQFeed
    4. 125107: using preferred execute: PracCore
    5. 125107: DataFeed: IQFeed 0
    6. 125107: Executions: InteractiveBrokers 0


Control +h in glean.

If you cannot open Glean, email support at pracplay dot com.