Tutorials are not needed in Glean5.   To use them in Glean4, Ctrl+H pracplay to request.   

Glean Tutorials

The vast majority of the time you should not need to manually create custom signals.

Also if you have purchased Glean, Pracplay can help you create or fix complex signals.

That said, Glean is powerful in that it allows fine-grained control of every signal that a programmer would have... except without the need to learn programming.

You will however need to learn more about how signals work together.

You can do this by taking interactive tutorials which teach particular concepts using real designs.   To do so :

  1. From the Glean toolbar, choose the views menu > design > tutorials
  2. Then choose the desired advanced tutorial (as in screenshot below)
  3. If you have questions, click '?' or Ctrl+h

Advanced Tutorials

It's not necessary to do all the tutorials.   Come back to the tutorials anytime as needed.