Flow View
Signal to Order Flow

Flow shows the signal-to-order flow of your strategy.

Action Fire or NoFire Reason

  1. In flow view, click on an action to see when it fired or didn't.
  2. The historical signal window will open and show the status of the action through time.
  3. Find the desired time when you expected an order (fire = true) or not (false = no fire)
  4. In the flow view, you will see all the signals the action depends on.
  5. Click on each dependent signal and check the same time.
  6. When you locate the signal that did not behave as expected, repeat step #5 on that signal until you locate the problem.
If you have questions or need help reading your signals, Ctrl+H us.

To Change a Flow

  1. In flow view, double click on any signal you want to modify.
  2. Change the signal and click modify
  3. The changes will save and flow view will update.

To Change Flow Style

  1. In flow view, click on the compass icon on the toolbar.
  2. Each click of this button will rotate to a new flow style
  3. Each flow style represents the same flow, but with a different visual layout
  4. When you reach the last style, clicking the flow style again will return to the first style

To add a new signal

  1. In the flow view, click on the 'add signal' button on the flow toolbar.
  2. Choose the desired category and signal

To see what broker trades have occurred in your historical verification 

  1. In the flow view, click on the oval broker icon
  2. this will show any trades which have occurred in your verification set

To drill down from a trade :

  1. In the flow view, click on the oval broker icon
  2. Find the desired trade
  3. Double click on it
  4. This will take you to the closest set of signals in time that preceeded the trade