Sterling Trader Desktop Connector

You can use Glean with Sterling or any broker or firm that supports Sterling.


  1. Verify you have all the pre-requisites
    1. You must have an Sterling account, or have requested a demo account.
    2. Sterling account must be entitled to use the activeX api (otherwise no quotes will arrive and error sending orders)
    3. You must have installed Sterling Pro (or Echo Pro, or whatever version of the client you're supposed to use)
    4. ensure you are logged in with adminsitrator rights
  2. Install Glean
  3. Start sterling pro and login (as administrator)
  4. Start glean and request a quote to test, choosing Sterling as the market data source.

Note: STERLING SYMBOLS ARE CASE SENSITIVE. ('goog' different than 'GOOG')

Sterling Symbols

  • Sterling symbols are case sensitive
  • Options can be entered like UNDERLYING_OSICHAINID OPT (eg AAPL_111022P420000 OPT)
  • chain ids can be seen in sterling view->options->chains window
  • futures and fx can be traded like SYMBOL FUT or SYMBOL CASH

Problems or Questions

'Invalid Account'

  1. Check with your broker that your account is enabled for API use and you have sufficient buying power w/Sterling allowed

Error 'StiAccessDenied' can occur because :

  • sending order with a destination not permissed for your account
  • sending order with price that is too low (sub-penny)
  • sending stop orders on sterling demo account (stops only supported on live)
  • other possible reason for this error :
  • "Symbol blocked from trading"
    "Wash trades not allowed"
    "Acct disabled"
    "Acct enabled for closing and canceling only"
    "Odd Lot Rule"
    "Mixed Lot Rule"
    "Software license expired. System not accepting orders."
    "Trading region not authorized for destination."
    "Too early for Equity orders"
    "Equity order cutoff time has passed. System not accepting Equity orders"
    "Sub-Penny Rule"
    "GTC cancel/replace not supported"

Error 'Invalid Destination'

  • your destination/exchange is invalid

'Margin errors' or 'Short_Sale_Position_Rules_Violation' 

Sterling has many capabilities, of which not all brokers support.   One is Buy to Cover, some firms require explicit cover overs.  The connector handles this for you, but sometimes it needs to be told what your specific broker requires.

  1. In the folder you installed Glean (usually 'program files\Glean')
  2. locate file SterServer?.exe.config
  3. edit this file (eg with notepad)
  4. locate the property 'CoverEnabled?'
  5. set this property to false if your broker doesn't require covering or you're getting buy margin errors
  6. set this property to true if your broker requires covering, or you're getting short sale violations

Other Problems?

Ctrl+H us in Glean for help.