Adding New Glean Connectors

Best Option - Broker Partnership

In this option your brokerage firm's programmers will build the connector.   This is preferred because it gives the best result for firm, trader and pracplay.
  1. Contact your broker to explain this option and solict their agreement (Majority of connectors are built using this Best Option)
  2. Pracplay will assist by providing documentation, code examples and email support to the connector writer.
  3. You as the user will agree to help test it with Glean and report issues using Ctrl+h.
  4. In exchange for us helping your firm, they agree to send connector source and updates back to Pracplay, so we can distribute them to our 4,000+ registered users.
  5. Pracplay will also provide a free text advertisement for your broker that will be shown at least 10,000 times each month.

Next : Have your brokerage or trading firm contact us.

Second Best Option - Pracplay + 3rd Party Consultant

Here you pay a flat fee to us to receive an example that you can hire an outside consultant who will use our examples and docs to write a connector, and we will provide same support to them.   

Next: Contact us with questions.

In General, what Broker/Feed protocols work best with Glean? 

  • Binary Windows API (especially c++, c#)
  • FIX
  • Socket