Lightspeed API


  1. Install Glean and install Lightspeed.
  2. ensure you have entitlements in your Lightspeed account to use 'Desktop API'
  3. start and configure lightspeed
    1. Assuming you have entitlements, you should have 'graybox' option in your lightspeed view menu
    2. go to view->graybox
    3. right click graybox window, choose settings
    4. click browse to browse for extension dll
    5. navigate to \program files\lightspeed
    6. click lightspeedserver.dll
    7. choose ok
    8. click check box 'load whenever lightspeed is started'
    9. press enter or choose ok
  4. click 'start' next to 'lightspeed server' icon, you should see in the graybox window that says the connector is started.


  1. Start Lightspeed
  2. Start Glean
  3. Follow guide to receive quotes, record data and more, selecting Lightspeed Desktop as market data source
  4. enter symbols