Notice : Blackwood was sold to Fusion DMA, which was then acquired by WTS Trading, which in 2015 was sold to T3.  Blackwood connector still works, but at this time T3 does not support it.  We recommend all users run Lightspeed (or worst case Sterling), rather than Blackwood to maximize stability and performance.  


  1. Install Glean and Blackwood
  2. Start Glean and Blackwood
  3. Follow Glean instructions to receive a live quote with quotopia. (choose Blackwood from data source list)
    1. After blackwood connector window opens, Enter server ip address provided by Blackwood broker
    2. enter username and password from Blackwood broker
    3. press ok
    4. if successful, background should turn green
    5. if background is red, click exclamation point to see error message (verify login information)
  4. When green, enter symbols you wish to use and continue with Glean live quote instructions.