Chart View
Glean Chart Editor

Chart View is a view centered around working with designs on, you guessed it, a chart.   

For speed and simplicity, Chart view is optimized to work with the most common types of designs...  designs which run on bar data (1sec/1tick ok, all the way to daily).   

This means Chart view is not ideal for working on Pairs, Basket and HFT designs.   For those purposes you should use Flow and Block views.

Chart vs Flow Differences
  • hey, there's a big chart! ;)
  • quick editing of orders and actions
  • plot wizard to change what gets displayed on chart
Add signals and actions the same as Flow and Block views, click on 'add signal' button in toolbar or one of the quick add buttons.   

Plot Wizard
Plot Wizard

The plot wizard lets you quickly change which signals are plotted.   

To plot or unplot a signal, 
  1. click the plot wizard button.
  2. select/unselect signals and actions to plot/unplot  (use ctrl for multiple selections)
  3. accept your selections, the chart will update
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