Blocks View Introduction

Blocks view allows you to work with signals and actions at the most fine-grained level.   

It also allows you to rollback past changes, as well as hide and lock all or part of your design from other users.

In most cases you shouldn't need to use it, but it's here if you need it.
Blocks View

Blocks view is useful for more low level signal work.

Unlike Flow view- which shows only signals which directly affect actions- Blocks shows every signal in your design.   

Blocks will additionally show :
  • signals used as flags
  • hidden signals
  • signals that trigger special Glean design behavior (eg AutoBar backfill)
  • groups of related signals (eg for a Moving Average signal add, you will get one group for the MA with many individual signals which hold the MA parameters like lookback and any other parameters needed for the group).   
For convenience, Blocks view also allows you to edit/add signals and inspect signal values in the simulator, just as in Flow.

Blocks View Common Tasks

Adding a Signal

  1. In the blocks view, Click the 'add signal' icon in the block view toolbar (or right click anywhere in view and choose 'add')
  2. In either case, choose desired signal category and signal.   It will be added to the current design.

If you have questions about where a signal is, Ctrl+H us.

Editing Signals

  1. In the blocks view, Double click on any signal

Finding a signal

  1. In the blocks view, click 'search' (hourglass icon) in the toolbar or Hit Ctrl+f.   
  2. Type in the blue box that appears what you want to search, hit enter.

Removing signals

  1. In the blocks view, find the signal to remove.
  2. Right click on the signal and choose remove.
  3. Confirm you wish to remove the signal

Removing all signals

  1. In the blocks view, Right click in the view (but not on any particular signal), select remove all.
  2. Confirm and all signals will be removed

Quick adds

Quick adds create common signals more quickly than doing it manually.   

  1. In the blocks view, find the signal to quick add with.
  2. Right click on it and choose quick add.
  3. Choose the desired operation.
  4. If the operation is not available, it is not available for quick add and must be added normally.  (this list is built from common choices + recent edited signals)

If you have questions about this, Ctrl+H us.

Hide Signals

Signals can be hidden to allow 3rd parties to use and trade your designs, but not see certain aspects of them.

To be truely effective in this situation, hidden signals should also be locked (to prevent 3rd parties from unhiding them.)

  1. In the blocks view, find the signal.
  2. then right click and choose hide.

Lock or Unlock signals

Locked signals can only be edited by the owner (original creator) of the signal.   

This lets you prevent 3rd parties from changing designs or portions of designs.

  1. In the blocks view, find the desired signal to lock or unlock.
  2. Right click on it and choose lock/unlock.

When combined with hiding this allows you to prevent 3rd parties from understanding how your strategy operates.