Install Glean Now

    1. Download and install Glean
    2. Choose Defaults
    3. Glean should start automatically post-installation. 
    4. To restart Glean : Start Menu ->Programs->Pracplay Glean ->  Glean


Register new machines to use Glean :
    1. Enter your name.
    2. Enter e-mail address. (glean will use this to identify you across machines)
    3. Click 'send me a code' button.
    4. Check your inbox for code email from Pracplay.
    5. Copy/paste the included code into Glean code box. 
    6. Click register, Glean should continue starting.
    7. Don't receive a registration e-mail?  Uninstall, temporarily turn off firewalls and antivirus and try again.
    8. Other issues? See the common questions.

Using Glean

New Users - Getting Your Glean On The First Time.

    Issues - Answers to Common Questions.

    Glean Cycles - Using Glean

    Glean Cycle Visual

    View Help - Get help with any stage.

    Help : Ctrl+H or click '?' icon