Lease Escrow Illustrated

Glean Client Design Guarantee

If for any reason Pracplay is unable to continue providing Glean service, you're protected by Glean Escrow.

How Escrow Works
  1. Signup for amazon s3 account, we'll store your escrowed raw designs here (~$1/month)
  2. Rent a glean lease  ($25/month+, works for any design)
  3. Provide s3 info to Glean  (views > Design Purchase > Lease Escrow)
  4. Save your escrow settings, restart.
  5. As you change designs you will now also have the same undo history, saved to a restricted escrow store in your s3 account
  6. If a catastrophic event occurs or Pracplay is unable to continue Glean service, our Escrow agent will provide you with a key to unlock your escrow.   This will allow you to continue running existing strategies without any Pracplay services.
  7. We are offering lease escrow because we wanted to take the "regret-less" feature of Glean Unlocks and combine them with the productivity advantages of leases.

(For terms and conditions and termination decryption, see below)

Escrow Terms and Conditions
  1. Lease escrow services are only available to Pracplay clients who purchase Glean Leases
  2. Lease escrow services require Pracplay clients to pay for the amazon s3 storage costs of the escrow service (~$1/month)
  3. Lease escrows are optional, clients must opt in by acquiring and s3 account and configuring the Lease escrow service in Glean (see above for instructions)
  4. Lease escrows will attempt to backup an encrypted copy of every design change to the client's s3 store, so long as Client maintains an active lease with Pracplay
  5. Once configured and so long as any lease remains active, all designs (leased or not) will have their changes backed up to the Client's s3 store
  6. Lease escrows names are viewable by the Client in their s3 account, however the contents are encrypted and the encryption key is only released on a Termination Event
  7. Termination Event is any of the following (as decided by our escrow agent) :
    1. Pracplay is unable to provide ability for Client to access their designs in Glean for 30 day period
    2. Pracplay discontinues Glean product
    3. Pracplay founder is incapacitated or otherwise unable to continue as CEO
    4. Pracplay LLC is shut down
  8. In any termination event, our escrow agent will release your private encryption key to the email address associated with your Glean account.   This will allow you to decrypt all the escrowed keys using a procedure below.
  9. In the event that a Client discontinues- either permanently or temporarily- all their Glean leases, future changes will not be escrowed but their escrow store and key release service will still be available so long as they maintain their Glean account
  10. It is the Clients responsibility to maintain good terms with their s3 account.  If Client discontinues their amazon account or is otherwise unable to access it, they will not be able to access their escrows in a Termination Event and Pracplay takes no responsibility for this outcome.
  11. When enabled, the escrow service will also be used to provide redudant backup of your design unlock, strengthening the similiar protection we've always offered via design unlocks.

Escrow Termination Event Decryption
  1. Upon Escrow Termination, take the key our escrow agent provided to your Glean email address
  2. Access your lease escrow via your amazon s3 account console
  3. Download all your lease escrow files (all encrypted code files are found in EscrowService folder and end in .cs)
  4. Start the Lease Escrow Termination Decryptor
    1. eg in the folder you installed Glean- generally c:\program files\Glean- find and run LeaseEscrowTerminationEventDecryptor\bin\release\LeaseEscrowTerminationEventDecryptor.exe
    2. alternatively, just follow the escrow agent's instructions
  5. enter your key from step 1 in the lease decryption key field
  6. click decrypt and provide all the files downloaded in step 3
  7. your files will be decrypted to PracCore-compatible cs files in the same folder 
    • these files will build in any c# ide against the open source project
    • each file will have a version stamp at the bottom that indicates versions of glean and core it was originally constructed with.