Glean Verification

If we're confident you can have success, we'll let you keep using Glean for free until you're profitable.

Requirements :
  1. Preferred Broker verification of $100,000 USD or more in your account. (Why is this important?)
  2. Complete verify questionnaire + plan of success.
  3. Have your plan accepted.
  4. Submit plan metrics on a weekly basis, which together show improvement.
At the free level, failure to use Glean, submit metrics or demonstrate improvement can result in suspension of your Glean account.

If you don't require our help or prefer to skip verification, sign up for a Glean lease.

Verification Steps :
  1. From the Glean connectors list, verify you have the minimum assets with our Preferred Brokers.
  2. Fill out a Plan of Success and await our response.
  3. Contact the broker from step 1, request they email ALL of the following :
    1. Your name, which matches the name used during Glean signup.
    2. Your current account balance in US dollars.
    3. That you're a current customer in good standing.
    4. How we can contact them if necessary.
  4. Asset Verify Checklist :
    1. Email must be sent to (not via you).
    2. Do not send us any private information like account numbers, bank account usernames or passwords, please.
    3. Pracplay should receive an email like the following :   We can confirm that <your registered name> is a customer in good standing with Interactive Brokers.  As of <currentdate> they have an account balance of <balance>.   Please contact us at <email or phone> if you have questions.
    4. We must receive all of the information to verify your assets.
  5. Once your plan is accepted and your assets are verified, you will submit a signed agreement and you will be able to use Glean.
  6. Until we have receive all of the above, you will not be able to use Glean.
  7. Questions?  Let us know.
To skip these steps, sign up for a Glean lease.