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aon lead generation example
Investor Example (with conversion assistance) :
  1. You sign up and place an ad.   (Simplest ad idea to to offer Glean Optimize to users)
  2. Your ad runs
  3. Glean and Bridge users watch your ads as they design strategies, test and trade them.
  4. When they are ready to Optimize strategy or trade with your firm, they click on your ad.
  5. User is taken to your website, you collect their information... eg :
    • request to contact
    • run optimize
    • etc
  6. You provide user your AON Optimize account (or run Optimize for them).
  7. Optimize user qualifies design using any or all of :
    1. backtest on an expanded set of data
    2. trade the design on up to 2 symbols too see if historical profits carry forward
    3. optimize design parameters to generate maximum profit potential
  8. If design is sufficiently profitable, you and user negotiate profit split/cost-sharing, etc.
  9. If not profitable, trader can use Optimize results to guide next design ideas.
  10. The optimize subscription is then available for the next user who clicks on your ad.
Product Example (no conversion assistance) :
  1. You sign up and place an ad.
  2. Glean and Bridge users watch ads as they build, test and trade ideas.
  3. A user who needs your product clicks on your ad.
  4. You track their lead and manage conversion.