GyGo and Get Your Glean On
Play short competitions against other Glean users, on shared market data.

GyGo Game Objectives :
  1. Build a design quickly.
  2. Win more profits than others.
Prizes :
  1. Top GyGo-er Rank #1 is automatically upgraded to  Glean Optimize ($175 value)  (so long as user remains #1)
  2. Top GyGo-ers Ranks #1-#3 automatically have their community designs "Featured" in the Glean Community (? -> Locate -> Explore -> Community)
Rules :
  1. Create a new GyGo or join an existing one.
  2. Most Profitable Designs Win.
  3. Honor Code
    1. Market Timing Designs Automatically Disqualified
    2. Designs Must Not Be Tied to Specific Markets
    3. We reserve right to remove any GyGos not meeting the Honor Code, for any reason.
Game Play Description :
  1. Find GyGos in the Glean Explore window (Click '?' button, Locate -> Explore -> GyGo)
  2. Join a new game or start your own
  3. Game data and gygo window load
  4. Game timer starts automatically (see bottom of gygo window)
  5. Timer can be paused manually, or automatically pauses if you change windows. 
  6. When timer expires, game is over.
  7. You can end and score a game early by clicking stop button.
Questions :

How does scoring work?

Scoring details are secret, but here are the basics :
  1. Capturing biggest part of a move in the data set wins a particular GyGo.   
  2. Your player level  score is calculated across all the GyGos you play in.    (This is whats used to aware prizes)
  3. Only profitable GyGos count against your player total.
  4. Only public GyGos count against your player score.
  5. If you play a public GyGo but later stop sharing the winning design, this GyGo will no longer count against your score.

How often are scores updated?

Scores are updated approximately once per hour.

Can I compete in multiple GyGos at once?

Yes this is allowed.